Welcome to the East Church Community…

No matter where you are on your journey and no matter what your faith background is or has been, East Church extends a warm welcome, inviting all of God’s children to share in our common life.

If you are new to the area, or looking for a church home…
If you are seeking a safe and caring environment for your children, a creative Christian Education program, or a place to nurture your own spiritual life…
You are most welcome to join us on Sunday morning for worship!

Epiphany banner hanging in sanctuary, created by Tony Andrade East Congregational Church, UCC is an Open and Affirming Congregation in the United Church of Christ. We are a vibrant community of faith that strives to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. East Church welcomes the spiritual pilgrim and our congregation includes people from a variety of backgrounds and faith traditions. From this diversity we believe we gain a greater understanding of the way God is present in our lives. Together we walk this journey of faith, listening for the voice of our Still Speaking God. As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe that we can make a difference in the lives of people and in our world through the transforming power of the Gospel. Through engaging worship and study, we continue to grow in the Spirit and live our faith, building and serving community.

Boldly Seeking and Bravely Doing God's New Thing: East Church's theme for 2014-2015

East Church adopted as its 2014-2015 theme the vision expressed above:
“Boldly Seeking and Bravely Doing God’s New Thing.”

We’re in the season of Easter. Learn what that means.

You can read our Pastor’s Monthly Message here.

Our previous week’s worship service may be viewed on Milton’s cable station (channel 11) at 10:00 AM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. (This has been known to change, so you might wish to consult the Milton Access TV listing page.)

The current week’s Worship Bulletin is available here.


“A new thing” is a phrase we’ve heard a lot at East Church since adopting “Boldly Seeking and Bravely Doing God’s New Thing” as our theme. We really hope you’ll attend the very first meeting of the next New Thing. This coming Wednesday, May 20 at 7PM, Pastor Shelly is convening a kick–off meeting to begin considering how East Church can contribute to addressing issues of substance abuse in Milton. You may have read of this in her May newsletter column. One outcome of last fall’s Real Good Church book discussion was a realization of how powerful neighborhood engagement can be as a tool for church revitalization. Speaking to the pain generated by the substance abuse epidemic was identified as one of two missions to consider undertaking. Subsequent to that discussion, the town of Milton received a grant (MiltonCares) and set up a commission directed at this concern (Milton Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition). It seems there is now an opportunity too good to ignore. East Church in isolation can’t hope to “fix” substance abuse issues. But we can leverage our passion and resources, partnering with other town organizations.
  This is an opportunity to confront the questions of “Who is my neighbor who is hurting, who is in need?” and to develop a concrete response as a people of faith rooted in our own community.
  Nobody, least of all Pastor Shelly, knows what this might look like. That’s why we need you on Wednesday, as we start to explore the path of this New Thing. Expect there to be prayer and brainstorming (because that’s what we do). There might also be energy and passion and commitment if we can get bodies in the room to bring clarity and shape to this New Thing.
  Please very seriously consider committing an evening to get in on this at the ground level. Bring your ideas and your experience as we examine and imagine where our passion for local ministry will lead us.

Mission Haiti Coffee Hour, Sunday May 17
Jenna Hughes and Jan Fiske, our two missionaries to Haiti, will be hosting coffee hour on Sunday, May 17. Jan and Jenna will share photos and experiences from their recent trip, serve Haitian food and coffee, and offer some items for purchase to raise funds for a future Haiti endeavor.

Annual Meeting, June 7!
Annual Meetngs can be dry, but they are very important. East Church ratifies policy and sets budgets at Annual Meeting. Please plan to attend.

Children’s Sunday & annual Church Picnic
June 14, 2015
Don’t even think about missing this awesome day!

Installation Service Photos
Images from the joyous afternoon of April 26 are available to view on our website. Here's the link to the Installation Service Album.

An Evening of Voice and Verse…
…was so much fun! Photos here.

Are you new to the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC?
If you’re new to the Mass. Conference, or just want to learn more, check out the newly updated "Welcome" section of the the MACUCC website: www.macucc.org/welcome

East Church’s Kitchen Supports a Local Small Business
Bushel + Crumb offers “local food” enthusiasts a monthly subscription of savory and sweet pies, featuring locally grown fruits, vegetables, dairy and grain products. And they are baking their product in East Church’s recently renovated kitchen!
Click to learn more about Bushel + Crumb and how you can sign up for pie shares.

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