Toward an East Church Ethic of Creation Care and Faithful Stewardship of our Building and Grounds

March 16, 2018

Last year, at the urging of one of our Deacons, Daryl Warner, and Pastor Shelly, our Property and Benevolence and Social Action Chairs proposed and Church Council voted to fund our membership in Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light (MIP&L). MIP&L is a “nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist faith communities, their members and the public, to decrease their carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs; educate people on why climate change is a matter of morality and justice; and increase public understanding of policies that will lead to a sustainable future.” One of the benefits of our MIP&L membership is a thorough Environmental Stewardship Assessment (ESA) of our property. This assessment was conducted last May and submitted to us in June 2017. You can access our East Church ESA here. (PDF document)

While we have been aware of and acting on various opportunities to keep making our building more energy efficient for many years (replacing all light bulbs with CFLs and now LEDs, optimizing our irrigation schedule, placing aerators on all faucets, using donated mugs, plates and cups for coffee hour, using recycled paper products, recycling through the Town of Milton’s free recycling program) there is much more we can do.

One of the follow up requests to the congregation’s recent approval of funding to recover the Fellowship Hall floor and its adjoining hallways and landings was to further research sustainable flooring material options before final purchase. That research is taking place now.

With the launch of Sustainable Milton’s and the Town of Milton’s current Solarize Milton program, our Property Chair, Bruce Lusa, asked our Caretaker Tom to reach out to the town’s contracted solar supplier, Solar Flair, for a free site visit to assess the potential of our roof for supplying solar energy and to provide us with a recommendation. We now have that assessment and an additional assessment and recommendation by community–based solar developer, Resonant Energy, a company that works closely with MIP&L. We will soon have a third assessment and recommendation from Sun Bug Solar as well. You will be hearing more about all of this very soon.

We are in the process of forming a Creation Care or Green Team or soon-to-be-named something else Team for guiding us in these efforts. If you would like to be part of this team please speak to our Moderator Ellen Hollon.

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