Sunshine School

Sunshine SchoolSunshine School and East Church have enjoyed a long relationship since our beginnings in 1978 when we were called Children’s Activity Group. The school originated as a CETA grant in 1978. When the grant expired, interested parents who believed in the philosophy and potential of the school incorporated as a non-profit. At that time we became known as Milton Family and Child Services, Inc. But it wasn’t a relatable name for the children. A contest was held and a non-parent committee chose three names submitted by the children. The Board of Directors voted for the one they liked best. Sunshine Nursery School won. In 1997, our name was officially changed to Sunshine School, Inc. because another preschool in Massachusetts operated under the same name. We have been serving young children and their families ever since in spite of the name changes!

Many church families have enrolled their children in our preschool and that has enhanced our connection. Since we are present each weekday we have made friendships with countless members of the church community. Our identity is very much linked to the East Church. We could not have had the success we enjoy as a preschool without the generous outreach of the East Church.

Additional information is available from the School’s website:

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