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Sunday worship on October 12 was crafted around Psalm 23 and a "shepherd" theme. We, the congregation, read the Psalm together in English. Members of the East Church community, throughout the service, read the familiar words in other languages: Dutch, Spanish, French, Danish and German. The choir presented "My Shepard Will Supply My Need" as an anthem. We even attempted a verse of "Savior, Like a Shepard Lead Us" in Hawaiian! Pastor Shelly's reflection taught us that, although Psalm 23 is often read at funerals, the message is equally for the living. We also learned that a more faithful translation might say, in a more active tense, "surely goodness and mercy shall PURSUE me all the days of my lifeā€¦". She concluded her reflection with an a cappella offering of Bobby McFerrin's "The 23rd Psalm." And then we all enjoyed a very successful potluck coffee hour!

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