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Saturday, September 28 certainly was a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Under Susan Harvey's leadership, East Church's Growth and Development committee partnered with the Friends of Crane Field to organize and execute a Centennial Celebration for Crane Field, followed by a Block Party extravaganza that will be remembered and talked about for a long time. Skies were clear, temperatures were perfect, speeches were brief, food was abundant, faces were painted, prizes were awarded, old friends were greeted and new friendships were forged. Thanks to the many East Church friends and members who contributed to the success of this event, and who dared to wear the extremely green t-shirts Susan provided. It was a tangible expression of our core values of building and serving community, and this was not lost on the community that surrounds East Church.

In addition to Susan, thanks go to the planning committee which included David Bacon, Betsy Lusa, Steve and Vicki Nelson, Allyson Palmer, Mike Maholchic and Pastor Mark for hours of time prior to the event, and to dozens of East Church members who made the day a success by moving tables and chairs, painting faces, reading stories, grilling hamburgers and staffing the Church information and raffle tables.

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