Planning a Wedding at East Church

We would love to bless your loving relationship. Whether or not you are an official member of the East Church community, you are welcome here. All we ask, in order to perform the ceremony, is that you seek to live the Christian life and agree to participate in several sessions of pre-marital counseling with our pastor.

The East Church facility is beautiful and is the subject for many beautiful photographs. While the space in the sanctuary seats up to 300 people, it’s intimate enough to host 50 guests.

If you are reading these pages, you are probably thinking about your wedding. Congratulations! Please see the link below if you’d like to know more about planning a wedding service at East Church. You may also feel free to contact the Church office.

If your browser is capable of displaying PDF documents directly, you may view our Wedding Booklet here.

Otherwise, please download our wedding booklet for reading off-line.

“What therefore God has joined together, let no one separate.”

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