Programs for Youth at East Church

Confirmation Program

At East Church, the two-year confirmation process strikes an important balance between the community and the individual. Through classroom lessons, team-building excursions, and group trips to volunteer in their community, teens begin to understand young people’s roles in their community. Through one-on-one guidance and introspective forays, a teen is given the chance to explore a personal relationship with God. Throughout this process the emphasis is on personal discovery, not dogma. The class is taught by lay volunteers and the Christian Education Directors in conjunction with the pastor.

The program is designed for each confirmand to write a statement of faith. The process ends with an empowering ceremony before the congregation, one in which the confirmands create their own mark on the church. Rather than recognizing the end of a curriculum, the ceremony marks the beginning of a journey, where we continue to support our youth in their faith pilgrimage and offer them opportunities to remain involved in church activities.

Youth Group

The junior high youth group is open to students in the 7th and 8th grades. The senior high youth group is open to students in 9th through 12th grades. Both groups are led by lay teachers of the church with the support of the Christian Education Directors and the pastor. The group’s focus is on having fun, enjoying fellowship together, and serving the community. Examples of recent activities include: snow tubing, Haunted House tours, a yard sale fundraiser, and serving foods to homeless people accessing the Pine Street Inn.

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