Christian Education at East Church: an Overview

Church School Registration
The Church School Registration Form is available here.
Please download, print and complete this form, and bring the completed form with your child.

The philosophy and leadership of the Christian Education ministry are focused on the well-being, spirituality and education of children and the church as a whole. Our goal is to support families and children by helping them know, love and follow God.

East Church’s commitment to Christian Education is intrinsic to our core values. As part of the Rally Day service held in 2009, the congregation joined in the following pledge:

We believe that the educational ministry of this church is our opportunity, our responsibility and our joy. We will share our faith with each other — children, youth and adults alike. We will make this church a community where all can experience the love of God. We will support the staff of our educational programs of this church in their various ministries. We make this promise with God and with each other for the sake of Jesus Christ, our Teacher.

Under the leadership of East Church’s C.E. Directors Jenny Nelson and Brian Caffelle, the Sunday School program puts children first and provides excellent support for teachers. All families should fill out a registration form in September (or as new attendees) to provide teachers with any pertinent personal information about their child.

East Church has been the foundation for raising my children in the Christian faith. The church has always demonstrated kindness and provided support. Allowing my family to worship and grow in spirit, East Church is an extension for our own family.

Ellen K., parent

The Christian Education Committee is made up of our C.E. Directors, teachers, and interested church members. This committee facilitates the Christian Education Program and plans occasional intergenerational events for the whole community. Examples of recent events include our Palm Sunday Easter Egg Hunt and Donkey Rides, the Advent Pageant, and Children’s Sunday, a special service run by the Sunday School Children in June.

Children are encouraged to attend the first part of the church service with their families. Each child receives an age-appropriate bulletin as they enter the sanctuary. These bulletins follow the lectionary reading of the day and are designed to teach as well as help the children to pass the time constructively until church begins.

Early in the Worship service, the C.E. Director (or pastor) will deliver a short Children’s message in front of the altar, highlighting a simple idea aimed at the child’s level. Afterwards, the children are encouraged to follow their teachers to their Sunday school classrooms for further discussion and activities.

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