Thoughts on Stewardship

Come with me to a quite place and rest.

Mark 6:31

FootprintsWe leave footprints everywhere we go. The footprints we leave are added to the footprints of those who have gone before, and they make room to walk for those who will come after. During these difficult times, let us take a moment to reflect upon where our footsteps have taken us on our faith journey.

Our footprints can be washed away unless we continue to move. Difficult times provide us with an opportunity to focus on what is significant and important. As we participate in Stewardship Drives at East Church, we are pledging our commitment to moving forward on our faith journey and our dedication to the vision of East Congregational Church. We need your support to continue to grow in the Spirit and to seek newness of life as we build and serve our community. Help us maintain East Congregational Church as a quiet place to come and rest and be with Jesus.

Our job, as people of faith, is to leave footprints that are deep enough to offer protection, peace, promise and hope to those who walk our way in the days to come.

As you seriously consider your pledge, please give generously so that East Church may continue to grow, to flourish and to comfort all of us.

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