Membership at East Congregational Church

group of new members to East ChurchWe welcome people from a variety of religious backgrounds into membership at East Church. Membership is a covenant. Members participate in the communal life during Sunday morning worship and by the sharing of individual gifts through offerings of time, talent and treasure. In return, the church offers a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth and education that helps people grow in their faith and in their relationship to God and Jesus.

The programs and ministries of East Church are open to all regardless of membership status. Membership, however, is a way for both the individual and the congregation to publicly reaffirm our shared journey as God’s people, and give assent to the covenant that binds us together as a church and to God.

Membership can seem like a big step. How do you know if you want to join East Church? Assuming you have already visited and like what you experienced, there are informal “Newcomers” brunches and informational meetings throughout the year.

New members are introduced to East Church congregationThese groups form as needed as a way of welcoming new people to the church, providing a place for them to ask questions and get to know each other better. They help newcomers form the bonds of a new community within the larger community. Once formed, these groups usually meet once a month. The time is determined by the group.

From time to time we are fortunate to hear members of our congregation speak from their hearts about their commitment to and covenant with East Congregational Church. We invite you to share in these statements.

Inquirer’s Classes

For those seriously contemplating membership at East Church there are also Inquirer’s Classes that go into greater depth. We hold these special classes during the year for those who would like to learn more about being a member in this congregation and about being part of the United Church of Christ.

During the three sessions, we talk about where we are on our faith journeys, look at ways that we can support one another in our faith explorations, and learn about this particular congregation and the United Church of Christ. It is also a time when we can learn about you and what you are seeking. The sessions will last about an hour and childcare is provided.

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