An Overview of Activities and Events at East Church

East Church Steeple

East Congregational Church bustles with energy and activity! The friends and members of East Congregational Church enjoy being with each other and find many opportunities beyond Sunday morning to interact. Call it fellowship or call it frivolity: we call it inevitable that the community which is East Church seeks to find ways to be together. There are activities for nearly every age range, and many are intended to bring together a range of ages and interests.

This page gives a broad overview of some of the major annual activities and events. Be sure to check the calendar to see what’s coming up soon.

Some Examples:

Auctions/ Yard Sales

yard sale indoors 2005 From time to time we have a church-wide yard sale or a silent auction, which benefit church programs or other worthy causes. Sunday school classes and other groups have had great fun while working together to support God’s missions.

Birthday Bash

cakes about to be presented at the Birthday Bash An intergenerational all-church birthday party. Sit at your birthday month table, have lunch and cake and meet new friends. It’s fair to say this is one of our noisier events!

All Church Picnic

all church picnic This is an end-of-the-church-year celebration with great food and lively games. The picnic is traditionally held after the Children’s Sunday Service in June.


At Christmas time a group gathers and shares the holiday spirit by caroling in the neighborhood, and enjoys hot chocolate afterwards. Old and young alike look forward to this tradition.

Games Night

If it’s wintertime, it’s time for Game Night! This annual event is a relaxing and fun evening for all ages. In recent years we have combined Game Night with a Spaghetti Supper to benefit our Scholarship Fund.

Progressive Supper

candid at Progressive Supper Many say that our Progressive Supper is a highlight of the year. We begin all together at one home for appetizers. The group then divides into smaller groups of about 12 which “progress” to host homes for main courses, pot-luck style. Everyone then reassembles as one group at yet another home for desserts. Fellowship and food are a great combination!

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