You can help bring light to hundreds in Puerto Rico

puerto rico landscape dark at night

What is this all about?

East Congregational Church in Milton has undertaken a month-long drive to provide bright, durable, waterproof, solar-powered lanterns to the people in Puerto Rico, many of whom are still living without electrical power after 7 months.

While the slow process of rebuilding goes on each day, we seek to offer light for families each night. Light to cook by, walk home with, put children to bed by, read or write and do homework by.

solar lantern packaging100% of all funds raised will be used to purchase and deliver excellent solar lamps produced by “MPOWERD”, a small company generously contributing deep discounts for the project. Our cost per lamp is $10 - $12.50.

Hands-on distribution to individuals will be made through the United Church of Christ's Disaster Relief volunteer teams working in Puerto Rico this summer.

Hurricane season starts June 1 so time is short!

The deadline for donations is Saturday, May 19.
We hope to give 500 lamps to 500 people in desperate need.

How can you contribute?

Your tax-deductible financial contribution of any amount will be gratefully received. We can accept donations by credit card using PayPal, or by cash or personal check.

By Credit Card (or PayPal account)

Clicking the Donate button will allow you to enter the amount you wish to donate and (optionally) specify whether it matters to you which of the two models you wish your contribution to be appied toward. (See note below regarding the two models.)

By Personal Check

Please make checks payable to East Congregational Church and put “solar lamps” in the memo line.
Mail or drop off checks to:
East Congregational Church
610 Adams Street
Milton, MA 02186

Please invite your friends and neighbors to join the project, and thank you for your gift of light to others.

child with solar powered lantern

Why Two Prices?

MPOWERD makes two models of lantern. One produces light only ($10 our discounted cost). The other has a USB port which allows topping off from an external source plus the ability to charge a cell phone ($12.50 our discounted price). Unless you specify a preference, the East Church mission team will determine how many of each model to order based on funds received by the deadline.

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