Winter, 2017 Pastor’s Message

From Darkness to Light

The church or liturgical season of Advent begins on December 3 and a number of weeks ago our Advent Worship Lab/Think Tank participants prayed, read, and reflected our way toward this year’s Advent theme: From Darkness to Light. In each of our worship services in Advent we will move in some way from darkness to light. This journey of faith and this life we share include significant experiences of both light and darkness. Sometimes darkness may teach us more about light than light itself. In so many ways we are still, “the people who walked in darkness…” [Isaiah 9:2] In other ways we experience, embody, embrace and emanate light, even the light of Christ, the light of the world.

The Latin word, adventus, the source of our English word advent, means arrival, approach, invasion, incursion, ripening, visit, appearance. Each one of these definitions offers a rich portal for darkness and light — as does each Advent journey we take, as individuals and as a community of faith.

May this Advent season and the winter before us bless each of us with a renewed sense of God’s presence and power and promise as we move once again “From Darkness to Light.”

Pastor Shelly

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